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Luxury Sound Equipment

The new ARCS A15 system, along with the companion KS21 Sub Deliver Concert performance for audiences up to 500 people.

The A15 deliver the unmistakable sonic signature of L-Acoustics. The KS21, is L-Acoustics' first 21” sub and is hailed as the best compact subwoofer in the market.

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Dj Premium Equipment

The most popular version of the industry -standard Pioneer Cdj 2000 nexus2 multiplayer & 4-Channel Performance Digital DJ Mixer Pioneer 900 Nexus 2

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Value Sound Package

The value sound package is our most popular audio speakers package for good reason. 

They're portable, easy to use, and perform well in a variety of scenarios.

The package includes cabling and speaker stands. 

Great for smaller DJ events up to 50 people.


- (2) JBL prx 815 Speakers 1500 watt

- (2) Heavy Duty Speaker Stands

- (2) XLR & Power Cables

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Value Uplighting Package

The value uplighting package is one of our top choices for your wedding or villa party to create a stunning decorative lighting effect.



- (12) Battery Led Par 

- No Cables Needed

Cold Sparks Firework Effect

These are cold sparklers, non-flammable, special effects for weddings, concerts, events . The Cold Spark Fountain offers the luxury and option of customizing the appearance of sparklers to your desired taste including the spark’s timing, how high they rise, their volume and so many other features. Safe for indoors and out with very low smoke outage which dissipates rather quickly and is completely odorless. This machine is therefore safe and fit to operate in any kind of environment without endangering yourself or your audience







Basic Sound Package

The Basic Sound Package combines 2 Speakers JBL Prx 815 and 2 JBL Prx 818 (1500 Watt) powered subwoofer to make the perfect portable option for a mobile DJ setup. This package is great for party's of up to 50 people.


- (2) JBL Prx 815 Speakers 1500 watt

- (2) JBL Prx 818 xlfw Subwoofers 1500 watt

- (2) Heavy Duty Speaker Stands

- (2) XLR & Power Cables

Basic Lighting Package

The Basic Lighting Package combines 2 Beam Moving Heads And 2 Wash Moving Heads .

This Package is great for Small

Villa Mykonos Parties 


- (2) Moving heads wash 600 watt

- (2) Moving heads beam 7R

- (2) Heavy Duty "Moving head wash" Stands

- (4) XLR & Power Cables







Premium Sound Package

A powerful speaker package for your large Mykonos event,with plenty of bass to get your dance floor moving.

The Premium Sound System works great in front of a stage or DJ booth, providing a wall of sound and ample bass for crowds of 150 or more.

Top Choice for Weddings 


- (4) JBL Prx 815 Speakers 1500 watt

- (4) JBL Prx 818 Subwoofer 1500 watt

- (4) Heavy Duty Speaker Stands

- (8) XLR & Power Cables

Premium Lighting Package

The Premium Lighting Package combines 4 Beam Moving Heads And 4 Wash Moving Heads.Our lighting specialists at Aslanis Events will engage the interest of all the attendees .

Top Choice for Weddings and Private Parties


- (4) Moving heads wash 600 watt

- (4) Moving heads beam 7R

- (4) Heavy Duty "Moving head wash" Stands

- (8) XLR & Power Cables



Life is full of special moments.. Why not turn them into unforgettable experiences that give you priceless memories of a lifetime?​


As The Leader of Sound System and Lighting Equipment Rental in Mykonos, Our Mission is to deliver the best service with our excellent, innovative, technical skilled expertise and professional DJs ​


We use Award-Winning Products from L-Acoustics and JBL for our Sound Speakers and Top-rated DJ services provided by Pioneer DJ Equipment, including Mixers, CDJs and Consoles to bring your parties and events alive! ​


Our Passionate Vision is not only to amplify your enjoyable sound experience through the ears, but as well as to be visually entertaining to the eyes from our spectacular Lighting Shows with Beam and wash Moving Heads ,Sparks Firework Machines, LED Uplighting (Villa Decoration) to maximize the sensation of moving into the beat with the best DJs in Mykonos island. ​


Our Service Range is from Private/VIP/Villa Parties (Land or Sea) to Weddings, and Stage Production Support that will ensure any enhancement you need for your events. ​

We Serve All Around Greece (Mykonos, Athens, Santorini, 

Crete, Poros, Paros And More)


We are highly entrusted working with Celebrities and World-Class Deejays for Private & VIP Events in Mykonos ​

Our Pristine Level of service, Professionalism and High-Quality Sound,Lighting and Dj equipment is our commitment to you.


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